Curation Terms and Policy

Content we curate from other sites

Although much of the content on our site is original, we do re-use, or ‘curate’ content from many of the sites which we love, respect and trust. Linking, sharing, and recommending great stories from other sources on the web is the basis where the internet was built and founded upon. To us, curation means finding interesting and well-written articles that are highly appropriate for our website and for our readers. Whenever we choose an article from a site, we are giving it our approval. This means that we not only excerpt articles but we also give it our highest recommendation to our readers and in every case, we direct our readers to view the original articles.

The vast majority of online publishers and authors recognise the value and significance of having their stories and articles quoted, commented on, discussed, debated and linked to interested readers who are encouraged to read the articles. Social sharing of online content gives much benefit to the original publisher’s website since it extends the reach, impact, effectiveness and profitability of their site. Whenever we excerpt content, we inform our visitors and point them to its original source.

If we have used your content in any way which you deem inappropriate, contact us and we will either amend the article or remove it completely from our site.

Curation of our content

If you are planning on curating any content from our site, if we have made reference to an original article, please credit the original content creator instead of our site.

All of our original content is fair game for anyone to share on their own sites on the one condition that we are credited and a link placed back to the original article, recipe, image