Weight loss sells. This is a fact and a big issue. It’s a big issue because companies will sell anything to make a profit, even products which simply don’t work.

Even worse is that the supplement industry is pretty much unregulated which means there’s a bunch of crappy, expensive products on shelves all over the world which, at best won’t do anything to help you and, at worst, may be harmful.

This is borne from our desire for a quick fix.

Companies latch on to this idea and design products around peoples’ desires rather than their needs. This has resulted in much misinformation on the subject of weight loss which has slowly created the perception that it’s complex.

The fact is, it’s not complex! If you’re looking to lose weight it’s extremely straightforward and anyone can seriously improve their physique with minimum effort.


At ingfit we’re all passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness. We’re a completely independent group of fitness enthusiasts and qualified professionals from an array of disciplines.

It’s all about keeping things simple. We don’t want to sell you any ideas that you can lose a silly amount of weight in a very short time. This is possible but can often lead to problems further down the line as your body will always try to burn muscle before fat which can damage your metabolism.

This is exactly why most popular diets are bad. Most involve super-low calorie diets and, as well as being painfully restrictive, they can really mess with your metabolism.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can lose weight pretty quickly and safely by having a sensible calorie deficit, eating foods that you love and enjoying every minute of your weight loss journey.


Did you know that if you’re looking to lose weight or get in really good shape, around 80% of your success will be achieved through nutrition, and not through exercise?

This is a fact and anyone who tries to tell you anything else is lying. It’s not about a magic potion, a super pill or some new-fangled ‘scientific’ discovery. It’s about nutrition.

And this is why we’re so passionate about food: good quality, ‘real’ food! It’s so important that we spend the majority of our time focussing on the nutrition side of things. Want super tasty, healthy recipes perfectly crafted by qualified nutritionists?

Good, then you’ve come to the right place.

Exercise is, of course, important but it should be thought of as a supplement to nutrition. But once you’ve got a handle on that, then we have lots to talk about when it comes to exercise and fitness.


If you’re looking to lose weight super-fast, then stop right now! What you really want is to lose weight and keep it off. Right?

Of course you do. So if you’re looking to permanently change you need to change things up permanently.

This means losing weight is simply the first step of your journey as you’re heading into a new era of healthy eating, wellbeing and a better quality of life.




Meet the team

Lee Sandwith, Founder & Chief Editor

lee-sandwith-profile-thumbIngfit is managed by Founder and Chief Editor, Lee Sandwith – a seasoned fitness enthusiast, certified and registered nutritionist. With more than 10 years health and fitness experience, Lee’s journey started in his late twenties when he decided that his life needed change. “Having always struggled with my weight I decided to take action and spent time researching weight loss, nutrition and fitness. I had always been confused about the whole thing but quickly realised it was pretty straightforward”. Lee’s transformation is pretty impressive having lost over 28kg of body fat over the course of a short, six month period. “Once I lost the initial weight, my life improved by an order of magnitude. I had more confidence, more energy and a completely different, more positive, outlook on life”. Over the last few years Lee has been helping people to lose weight by sharing his knowledge and experience and set up ingfit in late 2013 to take things further.

Kevin Sandwith

Kev S profile pic - v1.0-500x500Having enjoyed a long, successful career as a professional footballer in the UK, Kevin has now turned his hand to coaching children. “I think it’s important to start early when it comes to health and fitness as it’s easy for kids to pick up bad habits. The important thing when it comes to managing kids’ weight is just to keep them moving but unfortunately the sedentary life-style is all to popular in the UK these days”. Since retiring from full-time football Kevin has had to take a more cautious approach to nutrition to maintain his physical fitness. “I’ve always been fit and in great shape but I need to take things a bit more seriously now that I’m not training every day. I’m in the process of qualifying as a PT and getting certified as a nutritionalist and will be contributing regularly to the ingfit community. I think what Lee has started is very positive and I’m proud to be part of the team”.

Kevin McNally

1Kev testimonial raw-350x350Having competed in many events across the UK over the years, Kevin’s area of expertise is firmly in the endurance field. “I’m not the type of guy to lift heavy weights in the gym every day; I find it too boring. When it comes to fitness, I need to keep myself motivated and, for me, there’s nothing more motivating than working towards a big event”. At 6’ 5” Kevin has never suffered with his weight as he’s lucky to benefit from a fast metabolism, however, as he’s been getting older, nutrition has become all the more important. “Like many, during my 20′s and 30′s, I took my health and body for granted, focussing on partying and generally leading a hedonistic lifestyle. As you get older your body is less forgiving and by the time is reached my late 30′s I realised it was time for change. I don’t need to get too obsessed with calories as I just find having a generally healthy approach is all it takes to stay lean and healthy”. Kevin is in the process of qualifying as a PT and will be contributing to the ingfit community with articles, tips and tricks to keep you all motivated.